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A Path To International Markets – Training Workshop On 13 November 2019 In Helsinki

Is your company heading for international markets? Do you need additional sparring as you go international?

Apply and join “A path to international markets” – training workshop taking place 13 November 2019 at 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Helsinki. The workshop will be held in English.
The training workshop is directed towards companies that develop digital, virtual or physical learning environments and that are mainly in the start-up phase.

Coaching content
The coaching will focus on 2–3 target markets that are chosen based on a pre-survey among the participants. During the coaching day, the participants will examine the target areas in question from the point of view of educational companies. They will also look into sales and marketing in these target areas.
The coaching will focus on strengthening the international abilities of companies in, among other things, the following ways:
• the companies will accumulate resources and understanding to undertake market surveys and analyses
• the companies that participate will receive practical tips about how they can reach international markets faster and more efficiently
• refinement of sales and markets strategies
• the companies will alongside the mentors strive to raise their execution plan to the next level of internationalisation
• the participants will receive real-life examples and good practices

The coaching also includes a pre-assignment that is mandatory for all participants and where the companies, assisted by the coaches, define their goals and aspirations regarding the coaching. The pre-assignment consists of filling out a questionnaire and of a 30 minutes interview in October–November 2019. The more precise scheduling of the interview will take place in conjunction with the participating company.

The coaching is free of charge for the companies, but the prerequisite for being eligible for de minimis support is that the companies hand in a de minimis notice.

Whom is the coaching meant for?
Based on the applications, 5–10 companies in the field of developing digital, virtual or physical learning environments will be admitted. They should mainly be in the start-up phase. To be admitted, the companies should harbour a genuine interest and objective to internationalise. From each company, 1–2 people may participate in the coaching. We would like you to make note of the fact that English will be the language of instruction during the coaching. Therefore, those who participate should possess sufficient language skills.

Registration has ended.

The companies must fulfil the following requirements in order to be admitted:
• the companies must have a genuine interest and plan to internationalise
• the company’s product should have scaling advantages and be directed towards learning environments
• the company has a Finnish Business ID
• The sum of the de minimis support that the company has been granted and the support that it applies for must not be in excess of 200,000 euros in the last three fiscal years.


  • Last day for companies to apply: 20 October 2019
  • Selection of companies and notification to those admitted: 22 October 2019
  • Pre-assignment for companies: Weeks 43–45
  • Coaching in Helsinki: 13 November 2019

They will coach you:
Troy Woodson
Troy started working with edtech accelerator, xEdu and trained many of their Finnish and International startups on pitching to investors and on sales fundamentals. Pitch coaching and sales basics is also being
executed at LevelUp accelerator in Kotka. Troy has advised, mentored, and coached up to 100 startups and scaleups and has helped early-stage startup, Mesensei, land a pilot with Finlandia University in Michigan and is already at work helping other Finnish startups land pilots in US markets.

Oki Tåg
Oki loves entrepreneurship and that’s the reason he’s gathered 15 years of startup experience. The roles of founder, CEO, CoB, Member of the EB, sales guy, brand and marketing manager, business developer, mentor, investor etc. are all familiar and he thoroughly enjoys sharing what he has learned with his fellow entrepreneurs.

De minimis support
The training workshop is aimed at company participants and it is organised as subject to de minimis support, which requires the companies to fill out a de minimis notice. To be eligible for support, the company must have a Finnish Business ID. Moreover, the company must not have received de minimis support exceeding 200,000 euros in the current year and the previous two fiscal years.
You will find more detailed information about the de minimis support in the guidebook published by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Further information
Project Manager Anna Rantapero-Laine, anna.rantapero-laine(a)
Project Coordinator Hanne Laasonen, hanne.laasonen(a)

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