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Workshop: Adopting New Technology In A Learning Space
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Date: Thursday March 12, 2020 at 9.00-15.00

Location: Vierailukeskus Joki (“Workshop”) @ Lemminkäisenkatu 12b, Kupittaa, Turku

Presenter & Facilitator: Werner Ravyse, Turku Game Lab / Turku University of Applied Sciences

Welcome to a workshop on how to adopt new technologies with special references to some of the rapid experimentation processes taken on by Turku University of Applied Sciences within the Tulevaisuuden älykkäät oppimisympäristöt / Smart Learning Environments for the Future project.

The workshop is primarily aimed at start-ups and SMEs, falling under de minimis regulation for all business participants. There is no registration fee, but attendance will be limited to about 15. Breakfast and lunch are offered to all participants.


Registration by March 6: [email protected]


The main outcomes of the workshop are:

  • Concrete understanding of the different learning technologies of today and the future
  • Deeper insight into the different types of learners and how they react to learning with technology
  • Contextual profile of a learning environment’s technology adoption readiness situation.



09:00 – Arrival and breakfast

09:30 – Defining the learners (w/ reference to the project)

10:00 – Types of educational material and technologies available and where they are used

10:30 – Case studies: High school learning constructionist approach & Business simulation created for entry-level management

11:30 – Lunch

12:30 – Practical reflective session — Technology adoption curve

  • Where do you lie, and the problems associated being tasked with creating technology if you are on the wrong side of the curve?
  • Personal problems they foresee or have experienced
  • What is their biggest concern regarding the use of tech in training?

14:30 – Guest talk: EDvantage Oy — Which is the driver, education or technology?


More information:

Anttoni Lehto / [email protected]

Werner Ravyse / [email protected]

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